Sunday, January 24, 2010

Food Crisis on the World, The Problem and Solution

Nowadays our world is worried by availability of food, even starvation happened to part of the world, people could not get primary food in daily. If the condition happen to part of settler in some country but the solution could not solved because less of food, condition like that called as food crisis. Food crisis mainly caused by population growth of people in the world. Population will be becoming bigger but food availability will be becoming less, so food production can not covered all people, and automatically come up food crisis in the world.

There are many factors that caused food crisis in the world, the less of food availability and uncontrolled growth population. Food production is importantly depends on region availability that produce food. We have know, the main problem, soil, is very limited, this condition is aggravated by abusing soil function that only originally used for food production. Nowadays there are many farmlands area, fertilized soil to produce rice, used for building industrial region, planting source of alternative energy, building modern shopping centre, houses and others. Changing from farmland area to industrial region indeed, can increase prosperity of local people because it will create new field of job, but founding industry on farmland area will reduce a number of farmland area, so food producing will be also reduce as well.

Climate condition plays very important in food production. Take example, plants which main produce primary food, in traditional agriculture system, mainly depends on climate. In tropical area, there are many regions that only plant rice in rainy season because in these season has enough water to irrigate rice field, but there are only a few region that plant rice in dry season because it does not enough water to irrigate, generally part of farmer left open their land without planting anything until rainy season come.

It has obstacles dealing with planting in rainy season, usually dealing with disaster occurred, namely flood. Flood disaster often damage plants, so it will disturb rice growth or more aggravated will cause failed harvest. If the condition occurred in a larger number of lands, surely, food production will be reduced. Unfortunately this condition will be repeated in next rainy season. If condition occurred, it will inflict both farmer and country, farmer got inflicted in financial as their job, and for country it will reduce food supplies.

Solution Food Crisis

1. Control population

Dealing with population that be getting bigger and tends to be uncontrolled, it is important to each internal country to socialize the importance to control population, because uncontrolled population triggers less of food availability in the world. There are many programs to control population such as family planning or small family. Having a small family is not only more able to cover daily needs but also more giving affection toward their family. The other program may be able to be run, like do not giving subsidy to the third child and the next in one family. By running control policy of population, surely, can manage population and finally could balance between a number people and enough food availability.

2. Returning Back Function of Farmland

Narrowness of farmland, the internal government should make a policy to get return back of original function as food producing place. Listed previously, many farmlands had been changed into industrial area, planting source of alternative energy, houses and modern shopping centre. Hard prohibition should be implemented in founding houses and modern shopping in farmland area, but for planting source of alternative energy, it is better to think it deeply before making policy. The importance of industry in their region can create job toward neighboring society. But it is a must to regulate that industry area is only able to found outside farmland or fertilized soil, take an example founding industry only allowed in unfertilized soil. Farmland that used for planting source of alternative energy remains exist, but the wide soil that used should be limited or based on consideration.

3. Climate

Climate main automatically from nature, but we can adapt it. Nowadays climate plays very important in agriculture. Climate change, now, as a big problem that faced by international, climate change can make farmer do not have guidance in predicting how kind and long a season, because many plants are only planted in certain season.

In traditional system, guidance is still usually by natural customs.

Climate change, now has been international issues, actually had discussed in United Nations, and asked countries in the world to make policy in reducing global warming. There are many ways to reduce global warming such as plant million trees program, reduce CO2 gas that resulted from industry. The countries should devote united nation decision in reducing global warming.

4. Creating New Prime Feed

Creating new prime feed that is resistance towards infection caused by microbe or nature disturbing. Further more could create varieties of plants which can grow up in outside their original habitat. Having soil fertilization program in other land so that can be planted plants that produce primary food. If plants grown up in fertile soil, surely it will grow up and produce well, not only in quantity but also in quality and the end can more supply food.

We have to develop other source of primary food by planting an alternative primary food, such as cassava or other starchy root crops, corn, and other plants that result fruit contain high carbohydrate. These kinds of plants actually can grow up in our surrounding environment, so if there is a place around us which is still vacant we should better plant that result source carbohydrate. If all people aware to do it, it will reduce our dependence in primary food.

5. Our Character

we are as ourselves, we know that there are a number of people still less of or got starvation, we should care it by avoiding wasteful eating and eat sufficient food, so we do not eat over, do not leftover rice, meal, etc. as many as possible.

The problem that caused food crisis that we face now is our responsibility, we have to take care it. The factors that caused food crisis are actually so complexes, it is not solved by few countries but it needs international cooperation, such as dealing with global warming and climate change. The several solutions of crisis food listed above should be run by all of us with full of responsibility, and we hope that food crisis could be solved sooner, and could not happened anymore in our beloved world.


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