Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kinds of asylum

1. Territorial asylum
Territorial asylum is asylum that given in the place belongs to jurisdiction of asylum donor country. Territorial asylum can be given not only on shore but also on water if asylum seekers come into by ship, and live on its during asylum seeking proces, or until go to other country (starke, 2007 :476).
In dealing with giving territorial asylum can be clasified in :
a. Political asylum
Because of oppression to people by authority caused political distinction
b. Refugee asylum
Given by reasons for fear of persecution in country of origin
c. General asylum
Given to escapees from their country of origin to get econimic development but their status are not immigrant

2. Diplomatic asylum
Asylum that given at the place which belongs to asylum donor country or legal necessary but the location is in other state. In general this place admitted as invioble place or having immunity from jurisdiction the state where place in.
Place where diplomatic asylum could be given :
a. embassy and consuler. It is a temporaly step to physical threatened people in their life because of extrim political alteration. The reason of giving this asylum suppose this problem of threatened people cauld be solved in temporaly time.
b. The office house of the head of diplomatic mission on consuler
c. International organisation buildings
d. War ship
So, the conclusion state that diplomatic asylum is a protection given to asylum applicant that place in formal state place by other state. This place is immune towards jurisdiction of local country