Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Importance of Character Building in Corruption Eradication

Today the problem of corruption is not only be internal country but also international problem, because the effect of corruption has extra ordinary effect that danger in all of daily segments. Corruption can hamper country’s development program, be getting bigger a number of poverty, and the most dangerous effect moral degradation. If the society have immoral character, we can imagine that the life will be uncontrol, run mob rule and the end will be happen ‘who is strong who is the winner’ who is the strongest who has authority.

Based on the dangerousness of corruption, there are many policies that governments taken to eradicate corruption, in some countries have made new rules, amended with maximum penalty. The country has also made independent board, and strong control that built corruptions watches by society, it is hopeful, corruption eradication will be success.

Internationally, United Nation has tried to against corruption by enacting United Nations Convention against Corruption. In the preamble of this convention listed that the prevention and corruption eradication is a responsibility of all states and that they must cooperate with one another, with the support and involvement of individuals and groups outside the public sector, such as civil society, non-governmental organizations and community-based organizations, if their efforts in this area are to be effective. This convention is caused by corruption happen to not only in developing country but also in modern country and it has wide effect in economic development.

National and international instrument is very important, as a legal standing in eradicating corruption. Officer, the authority and humankind should run regulation that have enacted well. If the regulation can run well, it will be a progress in corruption eradication, but if the regulation cannot be implemented, it will be useless.

The main factor that makes regulation run well is the character of law enforcement officer. If its stakeholder could not run their duties, regulation will not automatically be functioned, even though it is kind of a good rule.

The first step to eradicate corruption is by character building. Character is very dominant in determining people what to do. People who have a good character tend to do good things, have a strong control to their attitude, and willingness in unlawful action.

How is the relationship between a good character and corruption? Corruption is caused by character that wants to get more over their capability. Incapability to cover their necessary, people who do not have a good character, tend to violate the rule in covering their necessary. Character is not only caused by their personal but also by people whom close them, such as family member.

Take an example, in a family, father who more responsible in financial, has a wife and children whom need something that is expensive, they always ask father to fulfill it. Actually, the real condition does not cover it, because father has limited budget, but his family always ask and ask continuously, if he does not have a good and strong character, he will break the law by corruption in their office. What if this condition happens to many families, and what if it happens to senior official government, it will reduce state financial.

In order to build a good character, it needs educating people to against corruption. The education is able to run by giving socialization explicitly in suffering corruption toward all of us. The other way by campaigning simple life, because people who implement simple life tend to receive their earning, and their secondary needs can be based on their own earning. Life with simple does not have thing that expensive and less of use. If we implement it, we will not buy anything that less of use and expensive, so factor of corruption will not appear in mind, and the end fight against corruption successfully.


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